Our Mission

GOOD DEED TUESDAY (GDT) is a character development program for school students. Focused on cultivating a pay-it-forward mission, GDT is all about uplifting communities through good deeds, kindness, compassion, and education. When teachers and students celebrate mutual respect in the classroom, everyone thrives!

Inspired by NFL player Major Wright, modern-day superhero Mr. GDT grows his super powers by helping others and doing Good Deeds. Learning about ways we can help others gives everyone the superhero powers to improve their communities.

Make An Impact

Many of the children who benefit most from reading Mr.GDT do not have the means to purchase our books. There are two important ways you can provide the support needed to bring the GDT philosophy to a school community.
ELEVATE: Support Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) efforts in our schools. Using Good Deed Tuesday teaching tools:
  • Intentionally creates learning experiences to establish positive school-wide social culture
  • Engages students using lessons that align with school-wide standards
  • Provides positive behavior framework, outlining expectations for the classroom and home

DONATE: When you make a donation, we use the funds to deliver to the classroom:

  • Copies of Good Deed Tuesday
  • Discussion packet for teachers
  • Mr.GDT stickers/assorted GDT T-shirts (refer to pkg)
  • Entry instruction for winning a visit from Mr.GDT!

A percentage of each donation is shared with the Good Deed Tuesday organization.


Major Wright’s illustrated comic book is entertaining and relatable for younger students. Throughout the pages Mr.GDT helps kids  examine how their actions impact others’ feelings. Filled with affirmations, lessons, and opportunities to share personal stories, this colorful guide is a masterful way to teach kids about complicated feelings.

Mr. GDT In Action

Take a peek at how Mr.GDT interacts with kids at schools and does good deeds in his community. Teachers and principals applaud his efforts and welcome his program into their schools. Good Deed Tuesday inspires compassion and kindness in children by celebrating Good Deeds!

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