Hold A Clothing Drive At Your School

Hey Kids! It’s Mr.GDT, here to tell you all about one of my favorite types of good deeds – a clothing drive!

As you know, sometimes people don’t have enough money for basic necessities like food and clothing. Here at Good Deed Tuesday, we like to create and activate solutions for problems like these!

Life can be tough, but when we all come together to lend a little extra help to those in need, it can make a huge difference!

First thing’s first- What is a clothing drive? 

A clothing drive is a philanthropic (charitable) activity that requests and accepts clothing donations, and then makes those donations available for people who need them.

How does it work?

A clothing drive is pretty straightforward! To donate to a clothing drive, individuals bring clean, gently used or new clothing and shoes to a “drop location”. The drop location can be a big box, a specified classroom, or any sort of container(s) that will hold and keep the donations in one place until it’s time to donate the clothing/shoes to a shelter or a school community closet.

I want to help! How can I get involved?

Here are some of the basic steps to creating a clothing drive at your very own school! Please read carefully, it’s important to follow the rules and guidelines at your school any time you want to organize an event.

Step 1: Speak with your teacher/school principal.

Ask your teacher/principal if your class can organize a clothing drive at school. Show your teacher/principal this blog post so she/he/they can get the full picture of what you have in mind! If the school is up for hosting a clothing drive, move along to step 2!

Step 2: Get organized!

Set a day and time to speak with your class about setting up the clothing drive. Ask your teacher to help create groups and assign tasks to keep everything running smoothly!

Step 3: TEAMwork makes the DREAM work!

As a class, work with your teacher/principal to determine a good date(s) for the clothing drive. Create flyers and organize a school announcement to let faculty and students know when they can bring their donations. Make sure the flyers/announcements include : date(s) of the clothing drive, rules (only CLEAN and gently used or new items), and the appropriate drop locations for their donations.

Ask your teacher to assist you in finding adult volunteers who are members of the school faculty or parent volunteers for your class. These adult volunteers will be tasked with sorting through the donations to safely make sure that all of the donated items are clean and gently used/new. The adult volunteers will also be responsible for dropping off the donated items at the local shelter, donation center, church, or anywhere that is accepting and needs the donations.

Step 4: Share your story and inspire others to do good deeds!

If you organize a clothing drive, I (Mr.GDT) would LOVE to hear about it! Hearing about all of the good deeds really makes my day. Email me about your experience, comment on this blog post, or tag me @mrgooddeedtuesday @gooddeedtuesday on social media! Use the hashtags #GDTClothingDrive #GDT #GoodDeedTuesday and #GDTMajorImpact !

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